About Us

shlomo green

Director of Operations
Shlomo Green is a fixture in the restaurant business scene of Lakewood. An experienced restaurateur, Mr. Green has founded and developed several food establishments in the community. Mr. Green is known for his ability to merge seamless operations with expert service. He is beloved by employees and customers alike for his excellent communication skills and pleasant approachability.

The Estreia Experience

The Estreia experience is designed
to provide the utmost in glatt kosher
fine dining. Every item on the menu
is selected for its delectable taste and prepared with artistic precision.
The result is an array of innovative cuisine that dazzles the eye and
delights the palate.

Fresh and Fine

Our chef utilizes the freshest produce and finest cuts of choice beef. From the constancy of a wet-aged Tomahawk to the exquisite flavor of the rib eye filet, Estreia uses only the highest quality ingredients--pastured meats and local, in-season vegetables. Baked breads are brought in from Paris, delivering the art of French patisseries to Estreia patrons.

Delicious Desserts

Chef whips up luxurious and whimsical creations that impress the eye as well as the taste buds. Confections rely on new ideas, techniques and the finest flavor combinations to create desserts that look like jewels and taste like bliss.

Select Wines

Our impressive selection of wines offer variety and allow for custom pairings that best enhance each meal with a rich vintage. The international assortment of wines ensures that food and beverage come together in a symphony of heightened flavor.

Refined Ambiance

Estreia offers a stylish setting, decorated in rich copper and fine linens creating a sophisticated, modern atmosphere. The inviting ambiance is enhanced further by the customer-centric focus on service amidst a comfortable and luxurious environment.